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Tiffany WAMBRE

Tiffany WAMBRE dietician-nutritionist specialized in endometriosis, at your service.

My background:

I am a dietician with a BTS in dietetics from the LIMAYRAC Institute in Toulouse, and I have been working as a private practitioner since 2017. I have been interested in endometriosis for several years. Since then, I have been continuously training myself, through readings and trainings, in particular with the Saint Joseph Hospital, an expert center for endometriosis. I am also part of the Resendo network.

I am at your disposal to help you, in particular
thanks to anti-inflammatory food. I can also bring you my expertise in micronutrition if needed :)


  - A decrease in digestive symptoms (transit disorders, bloating ...);
 - A decrease in pain;
 - A decrease in stress and fatigue.

And therefore an improvement in living comfort!


1st consultation:

During the first consultation (face-to-face or by video), we will get to know each other.
First, we will study your eating habits, your lifestyle, your environment, your medical history, your expectations... and we will also take stock of the repercussions of endometriosis on your transit, your fatigue and your pain.

At the end of this first meeting, I will give you the main principles of the anti-inflammatory and hypotoxic diet, particularly in terms of the choice and quality of foods to be consumed, as well as advice on how to start putting them into place.If you also wish to work in parallel on weight management (weight loss or gain), the consultations will be carried out in the same way, in addition to the delivery of a nutritional program established to measure, which we will negotiate together and which will be sent by email within a few days. (Cf. website )

Follow-up Consultations:

During the follow-up consultations (½ hour), we will take stock of your difficulties, the evolution of your pain, your transit... so that I can provide you with advice adapted to pursue a good nutritional evolution and continue to improve your
comfort of life.

We will also review the evolution of your relationship with food and your weight if you wish to work on it in parallel.
We will progressively reintroduce the eventual evictions during the follow-ups, and we will adapt the micronutrition prescription if necessary, until a sustainable balance is reached.

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