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Caroline MOLLARD

I am in pain, I am afraid, I contract!

My background: 

I graduated in massage therapy from the Danhier School in Paris in 2004.

From 2004 to 2009, I had the opportunity to train in urogynecological rehabilitation and to be the assistant of Joelle Souffrir and Dr. Alain Pigné.

In 2009, I created, with her partner, a multidisciplinary practice in Boulogne-Billancourt and continued to develop my patient base around female perineal rehabilitation.

I am interested in all forms of dyspareunia: primary, secondary, superficial and deep, as well as different pathologies of the vulva such as vestibulodynia, vulvodynia, vaginismus etc...

In 2009, I met Dr. Marie Ceccarelli who introduced me to endometriosis specialists.

Thanks to the continuing education program that I follow at Saint Joseph Hospital,


I am now an expert member of the RESENDO network, a city-hospital endometriosis network. I specialize with doctors Erick Petit, Eric Sauvanet, Delphine Lhuillery and Jérôme Loriau.I am one of the specialists recommended by the Keys of Venus.

What is perineal massage? How is it performed?

Perineal massage allows the patient to regain "confidence" in the painful area. Endometriosis can be found anywhere in the pelvis and causes adhesions between the different tissues and organs. Immobility is the enemy...

The retraction of the tissues causes pain when there is movement again. This is called "frozen pelvis".

The massage must be done manually and listening to the patient's pain: if possible twice a week with a physiotherapist and every other evening a self-massage, with an ultra-lubricating gel: example KY Gel.

The massage is done at the beginning with 1 finger, a lot of lubricant, the movements are circular, transverse. The physiotherapist massages the "painful areas" always with a pain level below 4 VAS. This pain must be largely bearable, otherwise the involuntary contracture and apprehension will be present again, and the vicious circle will start again.

I am in pain, I am afraid, I contract ...

The massage is done with a work on breathing and relaxation.

When the pain is too great, the gynecologist may prescribe an anesthetic cream: xylocaine, in order to perform the massage in good conditions.

As the massage progresses, the tissues become more and more mobile and therefore the pain diminishes, the physiotherapist can then use two fingers. When there is no more pain, the frequency of the sessions can be reduced.

The objective is to regain the elasticity of the vaginal tissues, to regain vaginal lubrication, to regain a fulfilled sexuality and also to know one's body better.

What is belly massage? How is it practiced?

This massage is a relaxation massage. It is done in a calm, soothing place, with subdued light. The objective is to decrease the tensions accumulated in the belly.

This massage increases the body heat of the belly, the vasodilatation of the vessels and allows the elimination of waste by improving the blood and lymphatic circulation.

We find a mobility between the tissues, the belly is more flexible, the digestion is then much less painful.

This belly massage is done with a neutral organic massage oil Weleda or Aromazone. You can also use organic massage oil with lavender for its anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties.

This massage lasts 20 minutes and the patient can also reproduce it at home.

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