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Relieve pain related to endometriosis by regaining joint mobility

My background:

I am a graduate of the Osteobio school in Cachan since 2018. I was able to specialize immediately in endometriosis with Erick PETIT and Eric SAUVANET and since 2019 I am installed in the office.

What is osteopathy?

The work in osteopathy will consist in restoring mobility to the tissues to allow a reduction of the physical pains and also to support the vascular drainage.

During the first session (which lasts between 45 min-1h), we will carry out an interrogation together to characterize the pain and to collect any history (medical, family, surgical ..).

Initially, the goal will be to characterize the structures that have lost mobility (i.e. movement) relative to neighboring structures. Once the structures are well defined, we will work on the body as a whole, focusing more on the pelvic, gynecological and abdominal spheres, but also on the pelvis and the lumbar region.

Osteopathic techniques will make the tissues more mobile (more flexible), which will lead to a decrease in pain and therefore an improvement in comfort.

During the second session (which lasts about 45 minutes), we will review the osteopathic treatment carried out, i.e. the evolution and the benefits observed.

Personalized advice will be offered to you so that it complements the osteopathy sessions.

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