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Gestion des émotions

Illness =  "The Mal who said"


What is your body trying to tell you through endometriosis? 

What is my approach to emotional healing ?

Illness = Evil said  " What message is your body sending you through endometriosis?

Together we identify what your body is trying to make you understand about yourself via endometriosis in order to release often unconscious emotional blockages and thus soothe the symptoms of the disease.

Our body speaks to us (in sensations), if we listen and learn to understand its messages we can then help it to heal.


The message sent by your body is different for every woman. 

My approach aims to support you in understanding this message, healing the emotional wounds it reveals and thus promoting the reactivation of energies blocked at the origin of the disease or generated by it.


To do this, I use my skills in psycho energy and my intuitive abilities, the EFT method as well as reiki.

How to Cleanse Heavy Emotions Associated with Illness

Emotionally difficult medical course, Surgical intervention  traumatic,  ...

I mainly use the EFT method (emotional freedom technique).

This technique aims to release negative emotions: fear, sadness, anxiety, stress, shame, guilt… This method is based on the knowledge that any unpleasant emotion is a disturbance of your energy system. Thus, through a series of taps on different points of your body located on energy meridians, while thinking about your difficulty, you rebalance your system and free yourself from the emotional charge associated with your problem.

Endometriosis, like any disease, testifies to the presence of an energy imbalance in us. Treating what causes this imbalance helps to relaunch the vital movement and triggers the process of self-healing.

Practical information 

I receive you in video or in my office located on the outskirts of La Rochelle. The sessions last 1 hour and cost 75€. You are free to choose the number of sessions you want to do and there is no frequency constraint.

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