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My journey :


I am a certified naturopathic practitioner from the Koreva formation school in Paris and a certified Yoga Alliance yoga teacher.

Being myself suffering from endometriosis, I chose to specialize in endometriosis, cycles and fertility at ISUPNAT

I am also a member of the Union of Professionals of Naturopathy. .


What is naturopathy? 


My support is global, that is to say that it will intervene both on the management of pain, emotions, through food rebalancing and using all the techniques offered by naturopathy._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

But of course the support is tailor-made according to your priorities.


So how does a date go? During a physical or video meeting of around 1h30, we will discuss your lifestyle, your problem(s) and what you want to improve. Following this interview, I will send you a personalized lifestyle protocol.

A follow-up consultation is essential to find out if the protocol is right for you or if it needs to be adjusted based on your observations.

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