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Lucile DAVEO

My journey:

I graduated from the higher school of masso-kinesitherapy and pedicures ESMKP in Paris in 2015 and in 2016 I followed Luc FOURNION's plantar reflexology training. 


What is reflexology?


Plantar reflexology is a particular method of massage and finger pressure on the feet for relaxing and therapeutic purposes.

It comes from Chinese medicine and is based on the principle that each part of our foot corresponds to a part of our body.

Therefore, the pressures exerted on certain areas of the foot will have repercussions on the anatomical region of the body that corresponds to it.


Plantar reflexology also allows a better circulation of vital energy.

It is completely indicated in the treatment of patients with endometriosis.


It treats the individual as a whole, that is to say in his physical, psychic and emotional whole.

It allows overall relaxation, relaxation of tense and/or painful areas as well as energy rebalancing.

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